When preparing for their wedding day, newlyweds pay a lot of attention to choosing their outfits. But an important stage in the organization is also the purchase of dresses for young girlfriends, especially if it is a themed event.

You need to decide whether these will be the same dresses or just in the same style, what color to choose, decide on the fabric, cut and accessories. 

Therefore, we would like to immediately give advice: do not put off choosing dresses for your bridesmaids until the last minute. Think in advance about what form the witnesses should be in, inform them and, if possible/necessary, help. 

Principles for choosing dresses for bridesmaids 

Choosing the color of bridesmaids' dresses photo

  1. We will say “no” to white.Witnesses must understand that the color white is taboo for them on this day. There isan unspoken dress code, according to the rules of which no one except the bride should appear at a wedding in a snow-white look. 

  2. Black is also prohibited.

    Despite the fact that this color is now in trend, it is better not to choose it for a wedding, especially for a young girlfriend. 

    Still, we still believe thatblack is the color of mourning. Therefore, a bad impression of the witnesses may be formed. 

  3. Colored accents.

    When buying an outfit for a bridesmaid, it is better to pay attention to colored dresses. These can be delicate pastel colors or rich bright shades.

    You shouldavoid dull and gloomy colors. After all, this is a holiday, girlfriends should evoke positive and joyful emotions with their images. 

Color solutions for young bridesmaids' dresses 

Choosing bridesmaid dresses by color photo

  • Plain outfits.

    Often there are one or two bridesmaids at a wedding, sometimes many girls. It all depends on the theme of the celebration and the wishes of the bride.

    To make the photographs more neat and original, to the witnesses< a i=5>it is better to wear dresses of the same color. However, the cut may differ. 

  • All the colors of the rainbow.If there are a lot of girls, you can choose multi-colored outfits of the same style. Such rainbow images will help create a pleasant atmosphere. 

  • Several tones of the same color. 

    Another popular option is to buy dresses in different shades of the same color. It's stylish, not boring and original. 

    For example, you can choose lemon, beige, orange. Or lime, olive, light green, emerald. There are many such combinations. 

The most popular colors for wedding dresses as a bridesmaid 

In principle, there are no special prohibitions on the choice of colors for witnesses; in general, only white and black should be avoided. 

Bridesmaids can choose among pastel colors, such as noble beige, light pink, ivory, soft blue, lilac, golden, coffee and the like. 

Another option is these are bright and rich colors. Such a joyful holiday, so the bridesmaids would look quite appropriate in bright dresses. Choose the shades you like: red, purple, fuchsia, orange, light green, emerald, cobalt, sea green, coral, etc.

An important point: the bridesmaids should look beautiful, festive and stylish, but not overshadow the bride. After all, she is the main character of the day on this day.

You also need to think about shoes. These could beshoes that match the outfit, with all the girls having different shades. Or shoes of the same tone for all girlfriends, but different in color from the dress. 

Try to approach this issue responsibly and fit harmoniously into the theme of the event. The good mood of the witnesses is also very important.

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