Kenya Work Permit Application Process

Kenya Work Permit Application Process

Here is the application process to issue a work visa and work permit of Kenya by foreign nationals:

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1. Foreign nationals who are willing to work in Kenya have to apply for a Kenyan work permit. The classes will be allotted as per the specific circumstances of the applicant. The success rate of getting approval on a work permit depends on whether the skills required for the position are available locally, which means that the employers have to justify hiring a foreign national instead of a local.  

2. After the submission of the application, the Ministry of Immigration will be presented to a committee to get approval. The process may take at least 2 and 6 months.

3. Some of the factors considered by the committee while deciding to approve or reject an application:

  • The amount of money invested and its impact on the economy of Kenya. This is determined by the auditor’s report and bank statement.
  • The number of jobs created for Kenyans depends on the application letter submitted by the applicant’s agent.
  • The applicant has more chances of getting approval if they come from a country with a more robust economy than Kenya and low criminal statistics.

If the application meets all these criteria, the Ministry will issue a Notification of Approval. If rejected, the Notification of Rejection will be issued. After this, the entry permit is endorsed on the applicant’s passport.

4. Foreigners planning to stay in Kenya for more than three months must register for an alien registration card from the Immigration Department.    

Work Permit Exceptions and Special Cases

According to Kenya’s Citizenship and Immigration Act, it is illegal for foreign employees to enter and work in the country without holding a valid work permit. If an employer has employees coming and working without any valid documentation, they will be deported. Therefore, just applying is not enough to enter Kenya. Your application should be approved as well.  

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